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HopperWiki organizational structure

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General notes

Meeting notes

  1. Meeting with Chuck 2024-01-19
    • Search engines like lists
    • Launch event
      • Joe might have ideas about getting media coverage for the launch event (maybe build a few HopperWiki talks or presentations)
      • Zany off-kilter things are fun (top 10 weird facts about locusts)
      • WebLog expert
  2. Rob feedback from 2024-01-10. Make GLI more visible on various pages so reporters get to us faster, float featured person down and geography up.
    1. Media button on homepage
    2. rearrange homepage - Splashy cover image and problem statement + move people and SETS down and geography and topics up

Other notes

  1. From Ari: How to measure grasshopper density and diversity would be a good wiki topic at some point :-) Potentially an undergrad project? It sounds like folks are keen to share their practices and they could be summarized in an article, along with references to published work. It would be interesting to summarize techniques used by APLC, various commissions, etc., in addition to researchers!
  2. We might want to revisit this Orthoptera data portal page, it has a generic title, and it's not connected to our 'themes' and it seems to have multiple resources on it with note-like text.
  3. what about academic papers - revisit library idea
  4. FAO commission pages - started the CCA - USAID grant context
  5. Can we pull in distribution geography from OSF? Embed GBIF maps?
  6. display top editors on the home page?
  7. Come up with plan for overlapping Org and Resource categories and keywords.
    1. For now we have decided to not have auto-generated pages for categories and keywords to avoid problems (but some will be built manually)
  8. Pro con of creating our own FAQ's versus linking out to existing?
  9. Expert content writers
    1. Expert varified FAQs
  10. How to set up Most Viewed Pages
  11. ask FAO or UK colleagues about old FAO photos

Tasks lists


  1. Amend Person theme by creating two different hemispheres (one for people with pages, and one for those who just need directory data available).
  2. Make tutorials for content templates for each them.
  3. For orgs, resources, species, etc. split apart the generic inclusion of the infobox and content components so that other content can be placed between them on the forward-facing page.
  4. Fix OSF (and other fields that have too many species)
  5. Create dynamic template to pull locust alert content to the top of their respective species profile pages.
  6. Reach out to OSF and get key for their internal Taxon ID so that links out to OSF on each species profile don't need to be created manually.
  7. Modify Infobox image back-end code so that "marquee image" file names can be curated locally on the wiki (rather than in Airtable)
  8. Automate the creation of org-acronym pages in the main namespace that redirect to their orgs (including disambiguation if needed).
  9. Fix url parsing errors due to inconsistent https/http: Commission for Controlling the Desert Locust in the Central Region
  10. Automate italicizing species names in Person bios
  11. Consolidate Custom_functions and Custom_functions_new
  12. Solve this annoying display problem with Cargo queries not behavior properly around infoboxes:
    1. File:Cargo query causing whitespace problem.png


Thing to discuss

  1. Historical people profiles in a different color
  2. on this wiki page replace with cargo table - what do do about archives crowding resource tables
  3. USDA photos

Future ideas / student helpers

  1. Finding photos for historical people
  2. How to rear locusts at high density page- co-creation with BPRI TAMU
  3. SOPs
  4. page of the difference between locusts, grasshoppers, katydid, and cicadas
  5. State pages
  6. Summary for each resource
  7. CRC resources http://desertlocust-crc.org
  8. Locust species profile pages - standardize template as needed https://hopperwiki.org/index.php/Species_profile_standard
  9. Add info from Launch Paper to historical people profiles (would likely need a meeting to discuss first)
  10. Add content for What is a locust - also from HopperLink post
  11. Add file names from Wikipedia for all US states -https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Mexico#/media/File:New_Mexico_in_United_States.svg other geography code: File:Africa (orthographic projection).svg
  12. checking out the physical copy of The North American grasshoppers and adding information/citations to species profiles


  1. Bulletin archives - USDA, FAO Desert locust
  2. FAO publications on new website
  3. Locust Pesticide Referee Group - archive reports need to be uploaded to the wiki so they can be included in the resource table
  4. New locust watch website: https://www.fao.org/locust-watch/en

Status of locust bulletin archives

  1. CRC website resources completed pages:
    1. Contingency, Control, Desert Locust Bulletin (skip), DLCO-EA Documents (skip), Early Warning, Forms, Guidelines, Publications, Reports, References, Research, Training Items.
    2. Up next Contingency, Early Warning, Forms, Reports, References, Research
  2. New locust watch website: https://www.fao.org/locust-watch/en - Complete: Techincal series


  1. USAID bulletins back to 2014 are logged in AT up to May 2024
  2. APL situation bulletins: completed from dec 2020 - may 2024 - need to communicate with APLC if we want to go further back


  1. link species in AirTable to organizations for distribution
  2. Geography work filling in missing purview geography

Phoenix to-do list

Ideas for Phoenix from Rick

  1. Determine timing for major and minor species page completion
  2. Work on "distribution" pages for species profiles
  3. Translate virtual and physical resources to paraphrased and synthesized information for articles

Ideas for Phoenix from Mira

  1. FOCUS - Create grasshopper anatomy glossary - https://hopperwiki.org/index.php/Grasshopper_anatomy_terms maybe a spreadsheet first to alphabetize https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10QbOQDzkGqedaeR9Ctsw59vM6EHtpRPq4LUOtqZ2lB0/edit#gid=0
  2. Graphic
  3. Up next - life cycle of a locust page - https://hopperwiki.org/index.php/Life_cycle_of_a_locust
  4. PAUSE - Gather references for White cross grasshopper (Aulocara femoratum)
  5. AT transfer of Locust Pesticide Referee Group page

Endless and ongoing tasks

  1. Adding resource descriptions https://airtable.com/appbRI7G7YB9XUatV/tblwsmN8BewiO61yl/viwxVdFQ2qVunCGS4?blocks=hide
  2. Fill in missing headquarter cities and purview countries for org Airtable database
  3. Fill in missing photos in species Airtable database
  4. Distribution data input - going down the list of all species and tracking down credible sources for distribution info - adding citations to the manual table or if resources are good and they are not in the resource table currently, adding them and citing them.
  5. Translate USAID ETOPS this page to Airtable resource database
  6. Keep uploading ETOP reports to appropriate page https://hopperwiki.org/index.php/USAID_Transboundary_Outbreak_Pest_(ETOP)_bulletin_archives


  1. Find photos of stakeholders (add file name to AT and then upload)
  2. Patch country org images with new Cargo structure
  3. Fill in species sync to People Airtable database
  4. Upload ETOPs archives
  5. Fill in missing data in species Airtable database
  6. Add screenshot pages of resources to wiki
  7. Add category "Org logo" to uploaded org logo photos
  8. Create forward facing pages for species and people data pages
  9. Replace all "empty" template on species pages with new "incomplete" template
  10. Add state "Administrative unit" data to resources starting with the ARS fact sheets
  11. CCA resources https://www.fao.org/locusts-cca/resources/en/ left off on page 10 - up next Report of the 11th meeting of the Pesticide referee Group 2021
  12. Add all ARS species fact sheets to resource library: https://www.ars.usda.gov/plains-area/sidney-mt/northern-plains-agricultural-research-laboratory/pest-management-research/pmru-docs/grasshoppers-their-biology-identification-and-management/ipm-handbook/grasshopper-species-fact-sheets-scientific-name/
  13. Adding keywords and species to publications
  14. add ARS data to distribution in species profiles
  15. Correct page numbers in COPR citations in the manual distribution table
  16. Mormon cricket species page
  17. Resource attribution links
  18. Search for and add resources (identification guides) specifically on the Mormon cricket
  19. Update the USAID ETOPS from this year - The documents need to be uploaded on the wiki and in AirTable
  20. Locust Technical Series https://www.fao.org/ag/locusts/en/publicat/docs/tech/index.html

Sharika to-do list

  1. Migratory grasshopper (Melanoplus sanguinipes)
  2. Clear-winged grasshopper (Camnula pellucida)
  3. CRC resource uploads
  4. Historical people photos