Mira Word Ries

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Mira Word Ries
CountryUnited States of America
Organizations:Global Locust Initiative
DepartmentsGIOSI Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation
Titles:Project Coordinator
Focal areas:Soil Science, Agroecology, Environmental Science, Land Use and Management, Nutrient Management, Sustainability Science, Ecology
Focal species:Senegalese grasshopper (Oedaleus senegalensis)


As project coordinator for the Global Locust Initiative, Mira's role is to collaborate with stakeholders and Network Members to develop and activate projects, events, and research. Mira is an alumnus of GLI Labs and did her graduate work in Senegal where she studied plant-soil-insect-farmer interactions. Mira's interests are rooted in understanding how soil care and land-use practices can create sustainable alternatives to locust/grasshopper management, and more recently, how humanities and art can lead to new perspectives on human and other-than-human relationships.