Sudan plague locust (Aiolopus simulatrix)

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Sudan plague locust (Aiolopus simulatrix)
Sudan plague locust
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The Sudan plague locust (Aiolopus simulatrix) is a species of grasshopper that is prevalent in the Sudan region of Africa. Known for its migratory behavior, this locust species has the potential to form swarms under certain environmental conditions, making it a significant agricultural pest. The Sudan plague locust primarily feeds on grasses and crops, posing a threat to agriculture and vegetation. The swarming behavior of these locusts can result in substantial crop damage and economic losses for affected regions. Efforts are often undertaken to monitor and control the population of the Sudan plague locust to minimize its impact on agriculture and food security in the affected areas. Understanding the life cycle, behavior, and ecological factors influencing the abundance of this locust species is crucial for implementing effective pest management strategies.


Aiolopus simulatrix (Walker, 1870). For full nomenclature, see this taxon's page on Orthoptera Species File.


Phase Stage Color Wings Legs
Gregarious nymph
Gregarious immature adult
Gregarious mature adult
Solitarious nymph
Solitarious immature adult
Solitarious adult

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For more information and distribution records see [GBIF]


Life cycle parameters
Phase Developmental time
Adult maturation

Habitat and ecology

Male Aiolopus simulatrix near Aguetai, Red Sea coast, Sudan by Christiaan Kooyman

Land-use change

Pest status

Recent outbreaks

Outbreak media coverage

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Organizations associated with the Sudan plague locust

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