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These are the currently available species profiles on HopperWiki. In contrast to the orthopteran species profiles on other efforts like Wikipedia, GBIF, iNaturalist, etc., these profiles seek to highlight additional themes surrounding the monitoring and management of species of pest concern, as well as interlink meaningfully with pages representing the organizations that manage them.

Insects in the order Orthoptera (from the greek orthos + pteron "straight wing") are a diverse group with an evolutionary history of 300 million years. The order contains well over 20,000 species of insects colloquially known as as grasshoppers, locusts, crickets, katydids, and wētā. They are found throughout the world and are especially diverse in warm areas where they can be, at times, strikingly abundant. Some species can become tremendous agricultural pests that threaten food security around the world. For example, locusts are highly migratory and capable of phase polyphenism a classic case of phenotypic plasticity where an individual can modify its phenotype in response to a changing environment.

Locusts are one of a handful of grasshopper species (roughly around 19) that can alter their morphology, physiology, and behavior as they shift from a cryptic and solitary lifestyle to a highly mobile gregarious one. This gregarious form ultimately results in the dramatic outbreaks of billions of swarming locusts migrating across borders, destroying crops, and posing a complex transboundary challenge that requires coordination across boundaries, sectors, and disciplines.

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